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Name:Thomas Jefferson
Birthdate:Sep 19
Thomas Jefferson
Thomas Jefferson (April 13, 1743 – July 4, 1826) was born on what was then believed to be April 2, 1743, before the change in the calendar system that set it back on track. He grew up in Virginia, attending the university William and Mary, and eventually working as a barrister in the Virginia courts. In his early life, he was described as astoundingly studious in learning - he would often tear himself away form his friends to "fly back" to his studies.

Jefferson's first entrance onto the national stage was when he was selected to replace a more prestigious member of the Virginia delegation to the second Continental Congress. As he had earlier authored several pamphlets on Britain and her right to rule her colonies, he was appointed to write the then-considered-insignificant task of writing a Declaration of Independence - a year after the war for Independence had already begun.

He nearly retired from public life after the Congress, returning home to his beloved Monticello and his ill wife. However, he was elected to the governorship of Virginia during the war, and suffered through not only the capture of the state capital but also the death of his wife.

Years later, Jefferson joined the American delegation in France, with Benjamin Franklin and John Adams. After Franklin's departure, he became the main cultural conduit between America and France. When he returned, he took control of the Democratic-Republican party and strongly supported a weaker federal government, with stronger ties to France. He lost to John Adams in 1796, but defeated him in a second race in 1800, holding down the Presidency of the United States for eight years.

He lived on until fifty years after the fateful day that he presented the Declaration of Independence to the Continental Congress - he died on July 4th, 1826, mere hours before the death of John Adams, his longtime friend and compatriot and some-time political enemy.
Roleplaying Information
There are currently a couple different versions of Thomas Jefferson based in this journal.

Open 'verse (United States History/John Adams canon): Thomas is open to conversation, between courteous, free-thinking individuals who hold Democratic-Republican values. Others need not bother him; he is extraordinarily busy with the renovation of Monticello.

Note: This version of Thomas Jefferson may be, depending on the time period of the muse interacting with him, either aware that he is dead or set firmly in the time to which he belongs.

Tragedybound (Modern universe AU/Time Travel): Thomas Jefferson, as far as he knows, was born and grew up in Richmond, Virginia, in the latter half of the 20th century. A clear child prodigy, he skipped through high school with astounding ease, hardly able to tear himself away from his immersion in his studies.

Despite entering college at the astounding young age of fourteen, Thomas failed to leave undergraduate school until he was twenty-one, in the process gathering no less than four degrees, in structural engineering, philosophy, political science and mathematics, with minors in economics and French. He went on to law school, and founded his own practice in rural Virginia, where he met and married his beloved wife Martha.

As a lawyer, Thomas flirted briefly with the idea of being a politician and ran for the mayor of the small town in which he lived. Unfortunately, due to his gentlemanly style of abstaining from too-active campaigning, as he judged polite, his opponent beat him in what can be charitably termed a ‘landslide’. Thomas vowed never again to enter politics, and instead went back to school, obtaining a doctorate in material science engineering.

Thomas was such a multifaceted individual that he was high in demand, and was offered many a lucrative contract at businesses around the country. He turned them all down to accept a political appointment as the director of NASA. The appointment itself was under severe competition, and Alexander Hamilton, a prominent senator at the time, threw his weight behind Jefferson as the lesser of two evils, putting his political reputation on the line. Jefferson thrived at the job, which allowed him to inspire others, work long hours alone, and well as give his scientific mind free rein.

However, in early 2008, Martha began a very difficult pregnancy - her second, as her first ended in a miscarriage. She died in the summer, giving birth to a premature, stillborn baby girl, and Thomas utterly despaired at the loss. (For player knowledge: The pregnancy was not publicized, nor discussed at all, and he never gave a public explanation of her death.) He refused to leave his own room for weeks, and, once he did, rarely went to work and severely neglected his duties at NASA. When confronted, he resigned his position and went into near-seclusion, avoiding all but the closest of friends.

Months afterwards, still in grief, he accepted a research and development contract at Stark Industries, and agreed to move to San Francisco, leaving his native Virginia behind, at least for a time.

Note: Thomas Jefferson’s real memories extend from his birth in 1743 to the results of the election of 1800. He’s older than he appears (besides the obvious dead-for-180-years), and his wife in reality died long before he was elected president. He has surface memories of the culture of modern-day United States, but is ill-equipped to deal with it in person, and tends to speak quietly, formally, politely, and sometimes archaically.
If you actually think that this journal is Thomas Jefferson, then you just go for it. For others, this journal is an RPG character and does not represent the actual historical character, nor the views of the actor Stephen Dillane, who played Thomas Jefferson in HBO's John Adams and whose image is used without permission.

That all said: I am not a historian. If US History, Wikipedia and John Adams canon all fail me, I will make things up. They could be wrong.

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